Are You Black First or Are You a Christian First?

In the continuing age of racial disarray, black Christians have been asked to pick a side…  your religion or your race?

And to put this simply, you do NOT have to choose.

Over the past few years we’ve watched Lecrae receive backlash for advocating for black lives. Many questioned his motives and stated that he was increasing division in the church. Many churches have shied away from racial discussions. But as a Church, as members of the body of Christ, this could not be a more cowardice thing to do.

Christianity has always caught tons of heat when it comes to race. From the Crusades to slavery, you name it, some “Christian” lead it, enforced it, and encouraged it.


One of the most notorious hate based groups, The Ku Klux Klan, was founded in alleged Christian theology. The same group that continues to terrorize the black community today claims that they are Christians. Many come in his name, under the guise of… Christian..  From racists, to sexists, to con-artists, to rapists, to pedophiles… The Church, although intended to be a place for love, equality, brotherhood, and peace… has become a place of hatred, racism, and complacency. And it has been for some time. Religion groups tend to have power. With power, comes greed. With greed comes deceit. And for centuries, Christianity has been hijacked. From the days of the Israelites to the Church of England to now… Christianity has been used as a tool for hate and manipulation. And this, was never the intention of the Bible nor Christian teachings. So, we, as the body of Christ, have a lot of cleaning up to do. This includes addressing the entire history of Christianity… (but that is another article for another day).. For now, the elephant in the room is the silencing of black Christians.

I’ve read the blogs. I’ve listened to the arguments. I’ve heard the sermons…. The white washed, victim blaming, and the deflecting .. The “why cant we all just get along” pleas… and this, this is NOT how we improve the body of Christ. Christians need to stop diminishing race. Stop diminishing reality.

So to my brothers and sisters in Christ, here’s the reality..

You and I, we live in the flesh. We have fleshly bodies. We have real lives and are apart of real societies… But “There’s no place for race in heaven.”  And yes, although that may be true, until we get there, WE ARE IN THE REAL WORLD. Until we get there, I live in this flesh. I live in this dark skin. I am a black woman, a fleshly being, living out a spiritual experience. I do not get to change my identity as a switch locations. My identity is multifaceted. It is not some hat I get to put on or take off. I should not and will not be picking a “side”..  I will not be “Uncle Tom’ing” it in the name of the Lord. If my kind is not welcome in the flesh, my spirit is not welcome wither.  I cannot walk into a church and forget that I am a black woman. I cannot walk into my workplace and forget that I am a black CHRISTIAN woman. I cannot live my life and forget that I am a black CHRISTIAN woman.

God has given us a mission. And my Christian identity does not conflict with who I am. It coincides. So as a result, my brothers and sister in Christ get NO free passes from me. Not for your hatred, your bigotry, your racism, your prejudice, your sexism… I do not stand with “Christians”  who curse out Muslims with crosses around their necks… I do not stand with “Christians” who hold pitch forks in the street in the name of White Supremacy.. nor do I stand with  “Christians” who wish all members of LGBTQ die…

To be a Christian means to be Christ like… and that, in no way, shape, or form, embodies the Spirit of Christ.

We love because he first loved us.  If anyone says, “I love God,” and yet hates his brother or sister, he is a liar. For the person who does not love his brother or sister whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And we have this command from him: The one who loves God must also love his brother and sister.

  –  John 4:19-22

So do not ask me, if i am __________ first or ______________ first. In the words of the Father, “I am that I am.”





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