Whose World is This?

Somedays I feel unstoppable … other days…… um… not so much. Lol.

but I have to question… what is “stopping” me from being unstoppable? Feelings? Self doubt? Fear of failure or criticism?

somedays I wonder… where would I be, who would I be, if I just lived without any concern of what someone else thought of my actions. In some ways that sounds irresponsible but not in this specific sense.

What music would I write? What poems would create? What strangers would have turned into friends? What art would have came into fruition? What ammo would have I have added to my personal disposition? who would I be? What would I be?


If success was measured by determining who was mocked less, the most successful people would be those who did …nothing. The ones who never took chances. Who never fell. Who never failed. Who was always concerned about how someone else would feel. Or what someone would think of them.

So every so often I have to remind myself… to simply be myself.

Fear can hinder growth in so many ways… have faith trust the process.

As Pastor Myles Monroe stated before his death, “the richest place in the world is the grave.”

Don’t let your dreams die with you. Dont let your goals die with you. Don’t let your love die in you.Don’t let your wisdom die with you. Dont let your art die in you.

Leave something . . . Better yet,  leave everything.





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