What I Got Out of “Get Out”

Over the past few weeks, Jordan Peele, mostly know as Peele from the comedy "Key and Peele", released a racial thriller which has made over $100 million in theatres. The name of this movie is "Get Out". And by now, I'm sure you've heard of it. In the movie a young black man, Christopher Knittel, goes to … Continue reading What I Got Out of “Get Out”


Whose World is This?

Somedays I feel unstoppable ... other days...... um... not so much. Lol. but I have to question... what is "stopping" me from being unstoppable? Feelings? Self doubt? Fear of failure or criticism? somedays I wonder... where would I be, who would I be, if I just lived without any concern of what someone else thought of … Continue reading Whose World is This?

The Bible is Anti-Feminist: Fact or Fiction?

"A priest can achieve great victories with an army of women at his command." — Mary Elizabeth Braddon Feminism is the pursuit of political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. It comes in several forms, they include radical feminism, cultural feminism, socialist feminism, and cultural feminism. But regardless of which form, the ultimate goal of … Continue reading The Bible is Anti-Feminist: Fact or Fiction?