40 Days and 40 Writes.

So it’s the day before lent. (Just in case you don’t know what lent is … Lent is a period of fasting for 40 days up to Easter.  It symbolizes the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert after his crucifixion.) Lent is a normally practiced by those of the Catholic faith, and although I am not Catholic, I will take this time to do some soul searching for the next 40 days.

Now I won’t be calling it fasting… or practicing lent… simply because it isn’t… it’s only abstaining. A fast is abstaining from a things to devote and redirect that attention solely to God. Although I do plan on using this period of abstinence to focus on God, I know that this isn’t just a spiritual journey. I won’t be abstaining from certain things “of the world” solely for the sake of my spiritual walk. I’ll be taking this time to look at things in totality and reflect on how the world gears perception.

So for the next 40 days I will be abstaining from social media and certain types of opinion pieces of other people. I’ll be looking at books, scholarly research, and works of fact and experience rather than opinion. I want to look at neutral sources and view things with an objective eye. There will be no commenting nor sharing of articles by others. No observation of opinion pieces on current trends or events. Any dialogue and discussion of the things I encounter will be here on my site. This is going to be a way to challenge myself and challenge my thinking. And I’m publicizing this simply to challenge you to join me.

Social media plays a large role in how we percieve, process, and understand the world. We are bombarded with images and take in mass amounts information. This sometimes leads to comparisons, assimilation, and hinders discovering ones identity… So for 40 days I will write about things I discover and how I’m internalizing it. Some posts I will make public and some I won’t.  This is more of a personal experiment. I’ll attempt to document how the way I do my hair and makeup will change, if at all. Or My speech. My taste in music. My level of productivity. Ability to focus. My walk with God. My perception of self. And the perception of the world around me .

I may post pictures every now and again. But I won’t be looking at comments, responding, or looking at those of others. I will share my blog posts to twitter and Facebook from here. But again, I won’t be looking at, reading, or examining anyone else’s posts. img_2070

This is a challenge to detach from group think and increase independent thought. It’s a mechanism I hope to use to tap into undiscovered potential and I’m excited to see what this will bring…

I want you to join me.. who knows? The next big innovative thinker may be you. But you won’t know that unless you give yourself a chance to think separately from others.

May the odds be in your favor.


Skyler 💫


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